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Guide to play Over/Under Betting Odds in Soccer









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Besides Asian Handicap and 1X2 betting, Over/Under betting, also known as Totals betting, is another popular form of soccer wager with high winning odds, attracting a large number of players. Are you curious to know what Over/Under betting is? How to accurately read Over/Under betting odds? All will be comprehensively summarized in the following article, brought to you by Wintips. Let's find the answers together!

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What is Over/Under Betting?
Over/Under betting, also known as Totals betting or O/U, is a type of wager where the bookmakers provide odds on the total number of goals scored in a soccer match. The task of the player is to predict whether the actual total goals scored in the match will be higher or lower than the set odds. If you choose "Under," you bet on the total goals scored being less than the set odds. If you choose "Over," you bet on the total goals being higher than the set odds.
If the final result aligns with your chosen prediction, you win the bet and receive the corresponding reward. If your prediction is incorrect, you accept the loss of your initial stake. In the event of a draw where there are no goals scored, your bet is refunded. It's important to note that Over/Under betting applies to the official 90-minute match plus injury time, excluding extra time and penalty shootouts.
How to Accurately Read Over/Under Betting Odds?
Reading Over/Under betting odds is relatively straightforward. Players do not need to be concerned about which team wins or loses, as in Asian Handicap or 1X2 betting. Instead, the focus is solely on the total goals scored in the match and the bookmakers' odds.
Generally, on the betting board, "Over" will be placed above, and "Under" will be placed below. The common way to read Over/Under odds at most online bookmakers is as follows:

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Below are specific details for each type of odds:
Over/Under 1.25
Over/Under 1 ¼ odds commonly appear in major tournaments, where bookmakers set the odds as 1 1/4. Players need to predict whether the total goals scored in the match will be higher or lower than this number. Specifically:
If the match has 2 or more goals => Over wins.
If the match has 1 goal => Over loses half the stake, Under wins half the stake.
If the match has no goals => Under wins.

Over/Under 0.75 (Over/Under 3/4)
Over/Under 0.75 odds, also known as 0.5/1 odds or 3/4 goal handicap, are read as follows:
Total Goals >= 2 => Place Over to win, Under to lose.
Total Goals = 1 => Place Over to win half the stake, Under to lose half the stake.
Total Goals < 1 => Place Over to lose, Under to win.
Over/Under 1 Goal
Over/Under 1 goal is known as a Draw No Bet (DNB) handicap. The reading is as follows:
Total Goals >= 2 => Place Over to win, Under to lose.
Total Goals = 1 => Both Over and Under bets will be refunded.
Tips for Winning Over/Under Betting
If you want to increase your chances of winning in Over/Under betting, do not miss these useful tips from experienced players and experts that we have compiled for you:
When the match has gone 10 minutes, and there are no goals scored by either team, it's an opportune time to place an "Over" bet since attacking opportunities are likely to increase as the game progresses.
For "Over" bets, choose major tournaments where high-scoring teams with good goal-scoring abilities, such as England, Germany, France, and the UAE, are competing. For "Under" bets, choose tournaments from countries like Russia, Greece, and Argentina, where goals tend to be scarce.
The best time to place an "Over" bet in a match, according to experienced players, is around the 15th, 20th, and 25th minutes.
If you wish to place an "Over" bet, consider doing so during the first half of the match because statistics show that most first-half matches have a scoreline of 0-0.
Take the time to research and study the form of the two teams playing in the match, including their playing style, frequency of goal-scoring, head-to-head history, coaching staff, etc.
Control your capital and balance the amount of money you stake with the potential rewards to avoid heavy losses and protect your initial stake.
Lastly, a crucial key to success is maintaining a calm and clear mindset, especially during a streak of consecutive wins or losses. Emotional decision-making can lead to incorrect betting choices.

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The above information is our comprehensive summary to answer the question of what Over/Under betting is and how to accurately read Over/Under betting odds. We hope this will provide you with valuable knowledge about this type of betting, helping you confidently participate in wagering and increase your chances of winning significant rewards.
Wishing you good luck and early success in your betting endeavors!


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