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Types of Bets Not Recommended to Wager at Bookmakers Nowadays









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There are various types of bets in online football betting, but not all bets will yield a high winning rate for players. There are some types of bets that players should avoid placing at bookmakers nowadays to prevent losing their bets. So, which types of bets should not be wagered? Let's explore with Wintips in the article below!

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What are bets not recommended?
In sports betting, especially football betting, there are many different types of bets provided by bookmakers to players. These include basic bets that most players participate in, such as Asian handicap, European handicap, over/under, and so on. Additionally, there are also side bets like corner kick bets, yellow card bets, or throw-in bets. Thus, players at bookmakers have a wide range of betting options available.
Each type of bet corresponds to different payout odds, so not all types of bets will give players a high chance of winning. A bet not recommended usually has the following characteristics:
High rewards, several times the bet amount if won.
High probability of losing the bet.
Not many grounds to predict the outcome of this bet.
Often categorized as a side bet.
Types of bets not recommended nowadays

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First and Last Goal Scorer Bets
First and last goal scorer bets require players to predict which player will score the first and last goal during the match. If you are not an expert, it is best to stay away from this type of bet. Predicting the first goal scorer is quite impossible.
Throw-in Bets
Throw-ins are actions that happen frequently throughout the match. It is challenging for viewers, players, or even referees to keep track of the actual number of throw-ins accurately. Therefore, this is one of the types of bets not recommended when participating in football betting.
Identifying some unfavorable odds
Besides the types of bets not recommended for new players, there are some odds you should avoid to prevent falling into the bookmakers' traps:
Bets with significant disparities
Usually, matches with small disparities between the two teams are easier to predict and bet on than matches with significant disparities.
Trap Bets
Trap bets are the types of bets that players need to avoid as bookmakers set them as bait to make players lose money. Signs to recognize which types of bets not to place are the continuous change in rewards in an upward trend. In reality, this is not a form of fraud; it is merely a trap set by the bookmakers to make players lose money without any basis for complaint.
Bets with significant disparities
Generally, matches with minimal disparities in strength between the teams are easier to bet on than others. Of course, if possible, you should bet on major tournaments with less manipulation and fairer odds.

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Players need to be wise when betting on high winning probability bets and avoid falling into the bookmakers' traps by preserving their capital or also consider managing their capital in football betting to have the best betting experience at online bookmakers.


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