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After a period of relatively subdued activity at online bookmaker clandestine gambling establishments have begun to exhibit signs of resurgent and overt operation.
According to Infogame's research, recently on several forums and fanpages focusing on betting discussions, numerous online casino systems have resumed robust operations, actively advertising and recruiting thirsty gamblers for games of chance involving red and black.
Foremost among them is VN88, a considerably expansive entity, operating openly with a vast network of satellite websites. In comparison to well-established gaming platforms, VN88 provides a comprehensive range of diverse offerings, ranging from various online casino games to traditional card games, folk games, fish shooting games, and even betting on various sports and lottery draws.
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Research indicates that this casino falls under the umbrella of an online casino chain overseen by individuals from China, with a base of operations in the Philippines. In Vietnam, VN88 boasts a substantial Vietnamese support team along with an extensive network of agents across the country.
Resuming Operations with Transparency
Misleading tactics, exploiting user trust Notably, VN88 allows users to make payments through various channels, including banks, prepaid cards, and several e-wallets such as Momo, Mpay, Zalopay, Ngan Luong, Bao Kim, and more. Furthermore, the casino maintains a dedicated channel for large-value card transactions that can be directly converted.
Payment channels include prepaid cards, banks, and e-wallets... Moreover, VN88's support team in Vietnam operates openly, going as far as registering a Vietnamese domain name to attract players and instill confidence. Specifically, the appearance of the domain name with an IP address in Singapore is noteworthy, registered under the name Pham Thi Cong Nghiep (18th floor, Ho Guom Plaza, Tran Phu Street,
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Ha Dong District). This individual also owns another similar domain name, Additionally, other domain names were recorded at this IP address, such as,,, registered by an anonymous individual with an address at 31/370 Nguyen Trai.
Of course, it's possible that these are all virtual addresses set up by affiliate providers to establish user trust and facilitate deceptive promotion of the system for their benefit.
With such public operations, VN88 is undoubtedly challenging regulatory authorities in Vietnam. This comes at a time when these authorities have been relentlessly cracking down on various forms of online gambling, aiming to cleanse the domestic online environment."


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